Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My quick and easy spin on the yummy "Chicken Pillow" Recipe from Episode 8!

My quick and probably not very health conscious version of "Chicken Pillows"!
by Esmeralda Sky

This is the recipe I tweaked and made last week that I shared in the shiny segment of our Episode 8.

This recipe is easier to describe as the "Chicken Pillows" recipe I have grown to love! If you google Chicken Pillows ( Like I did for you and linked to the above word Chicken Pillows :P  ) you will come up with a great assortment of different spins on the recipe, all of which I can bet are pretty damn good! I worked with what I had on hand and they turned out great!

As you know, if you have heard me discuss my cooking at all on our podcast, I suck at measuring things. I more or less cook on "feelings" lol Like I "feel " I should put this much in this bowl. I know. CRAZY ! But Yep, that's how I roll :)

I encourage you to tweak the filling to obtain a consistency that you feel would be best for you and your pillow :) lol

I liked to make it so that the chicken mixture and the cheeses were so even that it did not spread out on its own, I prefer a more solid mashed potato consistency.

So here is my best step by step on how I made my own quick version of "Chicken Pillows" that my family inhaled and demands!

I boiled "around" 2 pounds of chicken tenders in water.

Once the chicken was thoroughly cooked, I drained out the water and poured in half a box of organic chicken broth. If I had to give a measurement, I would say 2 cups :)

Once the broth has absorbed into the cooked chicken or evaporated a bit... I did not drain the chicken. I put it into a large mixing bowl.

I  then added :
2 table spoons of chopped garlic from a jar.
2 package of low fat cream cheese
1 medium tub of low fat sour cream
2 cups shredded cheese of your choice.

I mixed all of this together with a hand mixer until it was really really blended and fluffy.

I then took out a multi grain pillsbury pizza crust and spread it out on a cookie sheet ON TOP OF a sheet of  aluminum foil i had sprayed with olive oil cooking spray.

Once the dough was spread out, I filled the center with just enough of the chicken cheesy filling whee I could wrap it up by lifting both sides of the crust.

I put int in the oven on 350 and for 15 minutes. I removed it when it was hard to the touch and just starting to get some golden color. I then took a stick of somewhat softened butter and ran it gently from one end of the roll to the other so that enough of the butter had melted so that I could sprinkle some garlic parsley mix over lightly over the Chicken Pillow Log thingy.

I popped it back in the oven for 5 more minutes or until it started to get more golden brown then I removed it.

I let it sit and cool for at least 5 minutes then sliced it into servings with a pizza cutter.

I did not cover it with gravy as other recipes had suggested. I have had it that way before, but I liked it just as much as little crisp slices filled with the chicken cheesy yummmm.

Some other great filling additions I have thought about trying are Peas, Spinach, Mushrooms, etc.

The original recipes usually call for you to use pillsbury crescent rolls, but I chose to use the multi grain dough because it was faster, served more, and was multigrain.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Episode #8 Player Feedback Topic : Tell us about the gamer types you love or love to hate!

If you have spent any amount of time playing video games that involve grouping up with or playing around other humans, you may start to develop a deep feeling of positive and/or negative emotions for certain types of players or personality types.

There are the supportive kind, the competitive  kind, natural leaders, the takers, and givers, the dictators, the demanding, the supportive, the jealous, the grouchy, the hermits, the friendly, the passive, the controlling, those thirsty for attention, those with agendas, those looking for love and those who are allergic to loyalty, the saboteur, and of course the all around Troll. 

The longer you game, the odds that you will cross paths with every type of gamer listed above are increased, but then again you will run into these people out of your pixel world just as easily as in game! 

So how do you survive?

On episode 8 we would love to hear your favorites and those you can play without!

Tell us a story of the dreamiest of players who have crossed your path and/or those who gave you nightmares!

How did you deal with them? 

You can answer below, you can email us at chicsthatclickcast @gmailot)com. You can DM  us on twitter @chicsthatclick!  We also honor all requests for anonymity 100%!  

We look forward to discussing this on Episode 8 of:

Esme Out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Episode 7 is up and ready to be consumed!

January 5, 2016

Chics That Click #7: A World of Warcraft Blizzard Gaming Podcast! Players feelings on Bots in games, How gaming helps fight depression! OFF TOPIC: Bad Christmas presents & Jays Secret Turkey & more!